project 1

Mondelez International: Kraft Foods Egypt (Family Nutrition) :Biscuit : BTOR (Biscuit 10th of Ramadan City) Mondelez International: Kraft Foods Egypt : Chewing Gum :( Incogum:) C-Alex : Mondelez International: Kraft Foods Egypt (Cadbury) :Chocolate : CTOR (Chocolate 10th of Ramadan City) Green Valley For Food Industries Green Valley Reclamation & Agriculture Modern Bakery :Richbake :6th of October City Modern Bakery :Brunch for Food Industries:10th of Ramdan City American : Koki :Cairo Poultry Co. El Rowad Co. for Foodstuffs Industry (ROFI) Montrade Co. for Agriculture Development & Poultry and Animal Production EL NAHDA INDUSTRIAL CO “Queen ®” : Chicken Soup ICAD :International co. for Agricultural Development : Plant ICAPP :International Co. for Agriculture Production & Processing: Plant Hendrix Misr for Animal Feed La Poire Delta Aromatic International co.(Deltagreen) – Plant SOBH for Food Industries and Cold Stores Abu Dhabi for Juice Filling Roasty (United Poultry co.) My Chef Egyptian Dutch Co. For Refrigeration , Freezing & Food Manufacturing ( Al Sobky) Symrise - Futura Labs Symrise - Aroma Labs Futuratech