About us


Tada Company was established in 1993 with the activity of import, export and commercial agencies Ahmed Abdel Hamid and partnership In 1996, the company was transformed into a limited partnership and contracting activity was added. Since that date, the company has continued to work in the Egyptian market, whether by importing goods and selling them in local currency to the Egyptian market from European countries and China, as well as buying and reselling local products from the Egyptian market and back to the Egyptian market. In the same year 1996, it expanded into the field of specialized contracting (electricity network works) until the company became classified with the Egyptian Building and Construction Federation, first category, specialized works for electrical networks and stations and mechanical works. The company's main client became the Ministry of Defense(Engineering Department - Central Region Command - Military Survey Department - Military Works Department - National Company for General Contracting and Supplies - Local Forces Transport Department - Organization and Administration Authority and the Armed Forces - Morale Affairs Department - Major Projects Management) The company also entered the field of contracting, specializing in electricity with... The private sector has implemented many projects with compounds in Ras Sidr villages, as well as public site networks in New Minya, as a general contractor and as a subcontractor for major companies that implement public projects (regular, health, electricity).In 2018, the company added the activity of integrated construction and finishing works In 2000, the company was classified at the fourth level in general integrated business The company has implemented many integrated projects, most notably the implementation of a number of residential towers in medium-sized housing projects on a turnkey system